A love story for the 21st Century

Sydney’s Urban Theatre Projects and Northern Rivers Performing Arts have put together something so creative and unique with My Radio Heart that it lingers in the mind long after the piece ends.

Immersing its audience into a journey between the virtual and the natural world in the search for love, My Radio Heart is a boy-meets-girl love story of the 21st century. The girl exists in the virtual world. The boy realises his search for love is within reach, if only he uses a special pair of VR goggles.

Inspired by comic books and video games, this visually rich production brings a modern day love story to life using passionate characters and a range of cinematic audio-visuals, driven by the electronic pop music by the world renowned mixed-abilities band Tralala Blip.

In response to international interest, UTP is re-shaping the work to be tour ready. Aesthetically, this reworked version of the show sits somewhere between a Pet Shop Boys concert and a cabaret music theatre show. More flexible in its structure and design, whilst keeping the central theme of love and loneliness, this re-worked version will feel and look more fantastical.

Find out more…
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- Mini documentary (7 minutes) on the process of making the show by Byron Bay’s Echo Newspaper: WATCH HERE
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Marketing image: Donatella Parisini
Production images: Kate Holmes