For The Bansktown Dancing Project, I found myself talking with Albert Oh. I was instantly impressed with how he and his wife Nancy approach dance, and I was dumbfounded by their generosity of spirit. It was my absolute privilege to re-choreograph their chosen dance, the Rumba 1, into a new ballroom dance which I feel encapsulates the ‘spring feeling’ Toby sings about, and what I feel on the inside when I experience dancing.

The aim of my second dance was to create a kind of hokey pokey for the 21st century. This project has also floored me with the good will of my participants who have worked hard at this universal, simple, but ever so slightly tricky party dance. Enjoy!



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graduated with a BA in Dance from University of Western Sydney (1996) and is a co founding member of award-winning trio The Fondue Set. With The Fondue Set, she has co created and performed 10 full-length works and has performed all over the world. She has been involved in several large-scale group works including The Hoofer performed on 70 guests as part of Sydney Festival 2010; OH! I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY (2012) examining where dance and community can intersect; and is currently working on a project called DANCING WITH MYSELF which explores where solo and group practice can intersect. She also established the ongoing role of Dance Curator at Campbelltown Arts Centre where she curated and produced an award-winning three-year Contemporary Dance Program.


The Bankstown Dancing Project is one of nine works in BANKSTOWN:LIVE, part of Sydney Festival 2015.