Enoch Mailangi in Residence

Whilst Enoch has been in residence at UTP over the past week developing a comedy titled Optimum Crush Blue. They’ve written this short text to share with you about what they’ve been working on:

“But like,” they love to think, “but like what if we don’t mention that? Saying it makes it real.” And we act with the gormless floof of someone who lived on the grey between excellence and dysfunction. Whilst we try to understand the liberating activation of Blak mediocrity. Bc it’s all data at the end of the day right? Deficit Data–Problematic People. Dog Act-K9. Bad-Good. Menthol-Cold Turkey. Greatness-Flawed. Melodrama-Mumblecore. Here are some Blak and Brown characters who are triangles trying to squeeze through a circle. I’ve tried to write them so they’d fit. And doesn’t that sound familiar? Doesn’t that hit too close to home?”

Enoch’s work currently interrogates three main ideas: who Indigenous characters are on screen when they’re not responding to whiteness, ‘Blak Mediocrity’ as a tool against the dangers of ‘Blak Excellence’, and celebrity culture as a vehicle of colonisation. Their works also explore larger themes of desire, shame, and the internet. Current NIDA MFA student, STC Emerging Playwright, with a background in TV writing for comedy. A proud Aboriginal and Pacifika Queer.