Rising Temperatures: the role of art in a frayed world

MOMENTUM artists in conversation with Daniel Browning with performance by Eric Avery and Yo-Yo Ma.

Date and Time: Tuesday 5th November, 10am
Location: the Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve
Cost: Free

The arts face new challenges and responsibilities as the global temperature rises in polarised debates over the climate, First Nations and human rights. In a frayed world where the search for truth is compromised by disinformation we explore the space for artists to make a difference – in particular the urgent voices of First Nations practitioners contending with the myriad legacies of colonialism.

Poets, artists and activists; Evelyn Araluen, Joel Davison and Kirli Saunders lead this urgent panel discussion on the way art intersects with social agency and the challenges ahead. The voices of First Nations thinkers, storytellers, poets and musicians articulate what it means to make art and tell stories at this crucial moment in time, with special guest contributions from musicians Eric Avery and Yo-Yo Ma.

Moderated by MOMENTUM Curator Daniel Browning.

Presented by Urban Theatre Projects in collaboration with Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach Project.
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