The Lebs

We are supporting Michael Mohammed Ahmad, an Arab-Australian writer, editor, teacher and community arts worker, to begin script development for the stage adaptation of The Lebs. Ahmad’s second book in a trilogy invites audiences back into the life of the young Bani Adam who is now an angry but romantic teen. It’s been called ‘an open-eyed and highly charismatic novel broiling with fight, tenderness and ambition.’

Throughout 2019, we’re supporting a number of diverse projects from young people and emerging practitioners as part of the Young Residents Program. All artists have strong voices and sharp insights into contemporary practice and cultural representation, and their collective talents include literature, performance, live art, film and community practice. The Lebs is part of the Young Residents Program.

Western Sydney University is the Young Residents Program founding partner. The program is made possible through the generous support of the Crown Resorts Foundation and Packer Family Foundation.