_SPACE Residency 2014


UTP’s _SPACE residency is a two-week space only residency offered at our home at Bankstown Arts Centre. It is open to artists working across disciplines that are living and/or working in western-Sydney.

The following group of artists participated in our 2014 _Space Residency program.


Artists: Nick Atkins & Tom Christophersen
Tom met Nick in 2012 and since then the pair have created a variety of installation works including: ‘The Intimate Spaces’ (PACT 2013), theatre event, ‘Nine Hard Holes’ (Jurassic Lounge, 2013) and performance ‘FatBoy’ (Mayday Playwrights Festival 2013).

Nick‘n’Tom: Off the Rack is one part performance, two parts fashion show and three parts bullshit. Observe a series of mythologized suburban identities walk the cat walk, their apparel constructed from house hold objects. Let them speak to you, represent you,

present you and give you an image to which you can aspire. This project aims to use very cheap materials to construct objects that look very expensive and then destroy these in the name of spectacle. Consider it an off the rack faux-haute couture collection that you will just die for.

Leading Man

Artist: Sime Knezevic
Theatre-maker Sime Knezevic’s creative writing has been included in a range of publications including Going Down, Swinging, Seizure, The Flaneur, and Zinewest and his plays include The Bonfire (2011) and The Great Horn on the Forehead (2006).

While in residence, Sime worked on a new multidisciplinary work for theatre incorporating clowning, improvisation monologue and live art. It involved a mechanism to explore personal notions of aimlessness, boredom, awkwardness and idiocy in an intimate performance piece.


NoRMAL is a performance of stories by four artists on their personal experiences of disability. Exploring topics including disconnection, preconceptions and medicalisation. NoRMAL has been developed with accessibility in mind and includes captioning, Braille, and AusLan interpretations.

The Art of Forgetting

Artist: Sopa Enari
In New Zealand, Sopa was a member of the writing collective ‘Writer’s Block’ led by renowned Maori playwright Hone Kouka. His first play, the hip hop trilogy, ‘Who’s Poppin?’ was acclaimed for its ‘truly innovative theatrical form’ and won the Pick of the Fringe award at the Wellington Fringe Festival 2009. Since moving to Australia Sopa has been involved in a variety of projects including the writing of and performance in ‘Between You and Me, Brother’ (2012)

The Art of Forgetting is a story about celebrating commonality. It is also a story about how we lack an ability to enjoy and even respect differences: We avoid our inabilities as they are often too confronting, an avoidance which inevitably leads to forgetting. Finally, this is a story that looks to trace the DNA of someone and something rather forgotten. This story traces the trajectory of three people. The first being an internationally renowned writer named Robert Louis Stevenson. Suddenly awaking in 2014, he finds himself a witness to the unfolding of ignorance between a man that was born where he was born and another that was born where he is buried.


Artists: Colin Kinchela & Gavin Walters
Colin Kinchela and Gavin Walters are interdisciplinary artists that mesh their defined and rich cultural background, devising works from Gomeroi and Anglo Australian backgrounds in new theatre environments.


SEETHrough is an interdisciplinary theatre production, co-devised by Colin Kinchela, a Gomeroi man, and Gavin Walters, under the collective name SEAN JORVN with director Bjorn Stewart.

SEETHrough was included at Next Wave Festival in Melbourne in May 2014.