Are you a night owl, insomniac, shift-worker or dreamer?

The Nightline is a creative audio project about the city at night inspired by stories from the sleepless. Over the next ten months The Nightline message bank is collecting anonymous voice messages between the hours of midnight and 6am. If you’re a night owl, we’d love to hear what’s keeping you awake.

While the city around you sleeps:
• Share what’s on your mind…
• A story from your night…
• Or leave a message for someone you’ve lost touch with…


There are several easy ways to leave an anonymous after-midnight message for The Nightline:
– Record a voice memo (or WhatsApp recording) on your phone and text it to The Nightline at:  0457 910 843
– Leave an old school phone message by ringing The Nightline direct on: 0457 910 843

Alternatively, you can also record & send your late-night voice message from here, using the Speakpipe recorder below:

At The Nightline we love to listen, so night owls are encouraged to leave as many late-night voice messages as they like, for as long as they like.

What will my voice message be used for?

By leaving a voice message on The Nightline message bank you agree to the possibility this voice recording may be used as one of many in a creative audio project called The Nightline by Roslyn Oades, Bob Scott & collaborators. This collection of anonymous late-night voice messages will be used as content and inspiration for an evocative audio portrait of the city at night. The finished work will be presented as an intimate listening experience in a surprise underground club in the heart of the city as part of the City of Sydney’s Art & About program in winter 2020. The Nightline relies on the generosity of our anonymous callers and the artists warmly thank you in advance for your participation.

Who are the artists?

The lead artists behind The Nightline are long-term collaborators, theatre director Roslyn Oades and sound artist Bob Scott. They are joined by Fausto Brusamolino (lights/coding), Clare Britton (site design), Katia Molino (performer) and the Nightline Brainstrust. You can find out more about Roslyn and Bob’s past projects via their websites:
If you have any further questions about The Nightline you can contact the creative team directly via: nightline@urbantheatre.com.au

Where can I experience The Nightline project?

The Nightline is an ongoing creative audio project commissioned and produced by Urban Theatre Projects. An early version of The Nightline was presented as part of Right Here Right Now in 2018. A new rendition of the work is currently in development, through a partnership with the City of Sydney Art & About, with presentation details soon to be announced. Sign up to the UTP mailing list to stay up to date on where and when you can experience The Nightline.

You can download the media release for this The Nightline phone line launch here.