Over the years I have worked on numerous projects with residents from Bankstown and every single one of them loves living here. I am fortunate that I have met so many amazing people who have welcomed me into their homes and shared their personal stories.

It is this experience that I wanted to create for BANKSTOWN:LIVE – bringing private worlds into the public space and connecting people with one another through intimate moments. An outdoor studio, set up with a life-size photograph of the family home, is the backdrop for Family Portraits – one of four families each night of BANKSTOWN:LIVE will welcome you into their home and have a new portrait taken.



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is a multi-media artist who is committed to community collaboration, and fascinated by the extra-ordinariness of people’s daily life and the connection we have to emotive images and words.

Her practice explores notions of the commonplace and everyday experience, often overlooked or unrevealed. She is fascinated by the extra-ordinariness and hyper-aware connections we have to emotive images and words. She is curious about both the private world of people and public spaces. Through this engagement process people effortlessly reveal themselves and invite Saad into their everyday to capture what connects people and what people connect to – our passions and our solitariness.


Family Portraits is one of nine works in BANKSTOWN:LIVE, part of Sydney Festival 2015.