Van is a visual timeline of my father’s journey from Vietnam to Australia – of escaping from the war at home, and starting a new life in a new country.

Throughout our conversations, he has always referred to the family car as a kind of workhorse, treasured and valued as a symbol of dedication. It is central in the animation not only as a traveling companion, but also as a silent observer of what is to come.

The film offers a glimpse into the past and future, exploring how incredibly precious family is – particularly given the experiences my parents have lived through. Despite the hardships, my father stands proud, alive and present, and I am constantly reminded that my time with him is limited.



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VINH NGUYEN is a filmmaker whose films Bliss and Handy have been screened nationally and at Cannes. His festival awards include Best Film at 48 Green Hours (2011) and Shortcuts (2012). He has a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications (UTS) and has produced quirky and engaging work for Sydney Theatre Company, Cancer Council and Headspace.

Van is one of nine works in BANKSTOWN:LIVE, part of Sydney Festival 2015.