Critical Writing

Performing Outside One’s Comfort Zone: India@oz – Devleena Ghosh

Reflecting on UTP's 2003 project india@oz.sangam, social and cultural theorist Devlenna Ghosh discusses the complexity of reconciling traditional cultural influences with contemporary experiences for young South Asians living in Sydney.

Crossing Divides – By Deborah Pollard and Paschal Berry

An email exchange between performance/installation artist Deborah Pollard and writer/dramaturg Paschal Berry maps out their unique experiences collaborating with artists in unfamiliar cultural contexts. Crises of culture shock, miscommunication and first-world guilt are shared as they recount working on projects in Indonesia and the Philippines.

The middle years: Death Defying Theatre transformed – By Ian Maxwell

The first essay in our series of Critical Dialogue essays was launched as part of our 25th birthday celebrations. Written and edited by Ian Maxwell, the essay combines critical analysis with a dialogue between Ian and previous DDT/UTP artistic directors Fiona Winning and John Baylis. The essay represents key issues that have emerged from the practice of DDT/UTP.

Plaza Real: Re-imagining Urban Spaces of Cultural Resistance by Melissa Butcher

A discussion on the UTP and Branch Nebula co-production Plaza Real, examining that urban mega-magnet The Mall. Melissa discusses her role as a critical adviser to the production and its development as a commentary on contemporary society and how we express individual and multicultural identity within corporatised monocultural spaces.

On Stories of Love and Hate: A Discussion by the Burramatta, in the dark… by Alissar Chidiac and Farid Farid

On Stories of Love and Hate A discussion by the Burramatta River, in the dark … Alissar Chidiac and Farid Farid ABSENCE AC_let’s talk about ‘absence’… FF_ alright we were previously talking about absence, and it’s a funny notion, because…

Burra matta- Parramatta by Leanne Tobin and Bonney Djuric

Leanne: This place is where the river meets the saltwater. It's a place where the adult eels following their age-old cycle, lying down in wait for the full moon, fat and ready for their epic journey up to the Coral Sea to spawn

Dramaturgy Talk Transcript by Roslyn Oades

I want to approach the subject of ‘emergence' today from the experience of being an emerging theatre maker myself. I thought I would offer some reflections on my process over the last eight years, specifically under the mentorship of Urban Theatre Projects and BYDS (Bankstown Youth Development Service).