Shorewell presents update

Earlier in the month Adam McGowan (UTP’s Senior Producer) and I found a sunny spot at Burnie Community House’s café for a chat with the women behind Burnie Community House, Tracy and Shandel.

Burnie Community House is located on a hill overlooking green fields in the heart of Shorewell Park, there is a farm that provides produce for the Veranda Café as well as a social enterprise catering business that employs 15 people plus opportunities for Job Seekers. Continue reading

The organisation also provides a range of services, programs, activities and workshops for the community. Tracy and Shandel are pretty dam amazing women and we are excited to partner with them on the next phase of Shorewell Presents.

This next phase will see us collaborate with Burnie Community House to undertake an assert based mapping of the community. Communities like Shorewell are often defined by their perceived deficits, this approach, led by Tracy and Shandel will focus on finding out what talents, skills and desires exist in the community and how these assets can be fostered, connected and encouraged. This comes off the back of a dinner held earlier this year, and sets the foundation for UTP to work in Shorewell Park for the next three years as part of 10 Days on the Island in Burnie where we are delighted to be Company in Residence. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Jessica Olivieri

Artistic Director