Blak Box

Urban Theatre Projects (UTP) is delighted to install its surround-sound pavilion, BLAK BOX at another new location in 2019.

The state-of-the-art surround-sound space captured the imagination of Sydney-siders when unveiled in 2018 at Barangaroo Reserve and continued with Four Winds at Blacktown Showground in January 2019.

BLAK BOX embraces the First Peoples concept of ‘deep listening’ which is based on stories, silences and the spaces that lie between. It is an innovative model that encourages audiences to step inside BLAK BOX and simply listen to sound, ideas and language from a First Peoples perspective.  BLAK BOX utilises cutting-edge surround-sound equipment and production methods enclosed in a space designed to be the perfect space for conversation, in this instance, an inter-generational conversation.

The pavilion — which glows luminously from dusk – straddles sound, creative writing, contemporary architecture and temporary public art. It won Silver in the annual DrivenXDesign NOW Awards. Architect Kevin O’Brien hopes Blak Box can act as a mechanism for daydreaming and convey, “an idea of contemporary Aboriginality”.

Blak Box Interior. Photo by Barton Taylor.