The Longest Night

They’re back. They’re trouble. And this time they’ve got something to lose!

This sequel to The Cement Garage is a grunge action thriller in a flat in the suburbs. Bernie has a new baby, a new home, a new life. Then her old friends show up for a drink – and stay…

Fast, furious and physical, with a high octane soundtrack and four surveillance cameras taking you right into the action.

Created by the Cement Garage team using the same open door rehearsal process. A dialogue with and between young people in the suburbs of two very different Australian cities.

The Director’s Vision

Generally we don’t work on personal stories. We work on a common interest, maybe something to do with popular culture. Rather than saying, oh you’re in detention so let’s do a show about life in jail, it’s more like, what are you listening to, what are you interested in?


Two of the (2002 Adelaide) Festival’s most stunning productions, The Cement Garage & The Longest Night.
Helen Thompson, The Age, 16 March 2002

Bone-crunching authenticity… Performances are excellent… a deeply emotional experience… sharply confronting and vital.
Stephen Dunne, Sydney Morning Herald 2 April 2002

Vivid, startling theatre… Community theatre, but of a standard so high that had it come to us trailing press hype from somewhere like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it would have had audiences ready to kill for tickets.
Helen Thompson, The Age 4 Mar 2002